Nama:The Fab Four - Beatles Tribute Full Concert
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Filmed at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank, CA - July 11 2015. Apologies for the frequent shakey camera, the dance floor started out full and then jam packed with people at the end. Amazing set list links below. Check out my 'If I Fell' instrumental cover https://youtu.be/09l1zIBPjfI

0:00 Penn Jillette Disclaimer
0:43 Introduction - Ed Sullivan
2:43 Please Please Me
4:44 I Want to Hold Your Hand
8:32 All My Loving
12:09 A Hard Day's Night
14:44 If I Fell
18:34 Eight Days a Week
21:27 Can't Buy Me Love
24:19 I'm Happy Just to Dance with You
26:51 In My Life
30:23 Yesterday
33:18 Help!
36:02 You're Going to Lose that Girl
38:27 The Night Before
41:13 I Saw Her Standing There
45:50 Twist and Shout
49:11 Second Set Introduction
52:13 Good Day Sunshine
54:39 Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
56:40 With a Little Help from My Friends
01:00:54 Penny Lane
01:04:20 Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
01:05:35 A Day in the Life
01:14:27 Got to Get You Into My Life
01:19:51 Imagine
01:25:25 Here Comes the Sun
01:29:06 Revolution
01:38:42 Let It Be
01:43:12 Hey Jude

Thanks for watching!

Please check out my cover of 'The Peanuts' Cartoon Theme!

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